Unusual Products from ‘long-lived’ Transients (“singlet nitrenes”)

Aryl azides are described as “green reagents as, on heating or on exposure to light, these lead to only a benign loss of nitrogen. In a series of papers on aryl azides Prof. Eswaran’s group have shown their use in “Click” reaction, Solar cells, photomicrolithography & as chemical crosslinkers for studies on protein-protein interactions. Thermolysis of ‘azido- m-hemipinate’ led to “Viswamayene”-named after late Prof M. A. Viswamitra, IISc, Bangalore Two new products are identified via thermolysis of ‘azido dimethylsuccinylosuccinate’, the para- analog of ’azido-m- hemipinate’. Multiple transition states & intermediates, including ‘long-lived’ transients (singlet nitrenes) are involved which are complemented by computational studies using Gaussian 09 software.

For full article: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0040402017307482


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