Genome Sequence of a Potential Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium, Pseudomonas sp. Strain CK-NBRI-02

Pseudomonas sp. strain CK-NBRI-02 is a potential plant growth-promoting Gram-negative rhizobacterium isolated from the rhizosphere of maize plants growing in fields in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, India. Here, we report a 5.25-Mb draft assembly of the genome sequence of Pseudomonas sp. strain CK-NBRI-02(or P2; GenBank ID: VSJH00000000) with an average G+C content of 62.47%. Deeper analysis of its genome sequences revealed important plant-beneficial traits. We are further performing studies on role of methylglyoxal resistance behind plant growth promotion and open avenues for potential use of this microbe as biofertilizers.

Full article: doi: 10.1128/MRA.01113-19


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