Carbonyl Cytotoxicity Affects Plant Cellular Processes and Detoxifying Enzymes Scavenge These Compounds to Improve Stress Tolerance

Plants constantly exposed to stress and oxidative stress is ubiquitous. The downstream effect of oxidative stress in terms of generation of Reactive carbonyl compounds (RCC), glycation products were not explored well in plant biology. This review provides an insight that sequence of events happening in the plants and their influence on plant physiology and subsequent effect on food. Further we also provide few important ways in which plants mitigate these cytotoxic compounds. Overall the study provides insights for scientists to develop strategies to develop healthy food. The enzymes that were identified in plants have broad spectrum substrate, further this will also provide an option for chemists to develop therapeutic agents such as chiral alcohols etc. The basic understanding of the enzymes present in plants to detoxify these cytotoxic compounds provides option to exploit them as bio-factories at low cost.

Dr. Ramu S Vemanna, Laboratory of Plant Functional Genomics, Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Faridabad.

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