Self-assembled novel phospholipids that controls the drug delivery

Dr. Avinash Bajaj’s lab is involved in the development of new drug delivery systems that tackle the problems of conventional therapy. Drug encapsulation efficacy and release kinetic parameters are critical for the efficacy of liposomal formulations. In this present research; they designed three bile acid- phosphocholine- derived phospholipids that control the encapsulation and release of drugs. These three phospholipids differ by their number of free hydroxyl groups that impacts fluidity. They showed that the highly fluidic liposomes allowed burst release of drugs, whereas the rigid liposomes maintained a sustained release of drugs. In collaboration with Dr. Sagar Sengupta, from National Institute of Immunology they studied the activities of these drug-encapsulated liposomes in mouse tumor models. In vivo studies in murine models confirmed that the survival of tumor-bearing mice is contingent on drug release kinetics, where the rigid liposomes caused tumor regression with increased survival rates. This study provides new insights to engineer future cancer therapies.

For full article: journalCode=mpohbp


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